FORBES: The 8 Social Impact Companies Selected To Pitch At SXSW Eco

Tori Utley, Contributor

SXSW Eco, a conference held in the name of the popular festival series SXSW, announced the 46 companies that will pitch at the conference held this October. Of the 46 finalists, eight have been selected from the social impact category and will pitch in front of a live audience, a panel of judges, and top VC firms from around the world.

So who are this year’s most innovative disruptors in the realm of social impact? Their breadth is impressive, and their goal collectively remains to make the world a better place, whether that is in the realm of safe drinking water, energy, science or technology.

Here are the companies to watch as they continue to move forward quickly and progressively in the realm of social innovation:


Miraculum, Inc.

With the tag line “Fireproofing the world, safely,” this company has developed patent-pending and eco-friendly fire safety products that combat solid and liquid fires. Many fire retardant products include chemicals that are very harmful to the environment, and this is where Miraculum has found its differentiator. With no other clean technology solution in this market available, Miraculum’s products can be used in both preventative and active firefighting situations.