With our Swedish-American innovation, we aim to create a revolutionary product line that can both provide increased protection while remaining sustainable for our earth. With Miraculum you can be sure that you have significantly increased protection against fire hazards in a sustainable fashion. Traditionally fires are usually fought with highly toxic and environmentally hazardous chemicals that can contain everything from bromides to fluorocarbons, which are harmful to all living beings and stay in the surroundings long after application. Some of these fire fighting products are toxic enough to be banned in many areas and countries.

That is where we come in: MIRACULUM is a new, environmentally friendly and safe solution for assisting in preventing and assisting in extinguishing fires that not only is safe to use, but also saves water; seven gallons of our solution can be as effective as 167 gallons of water greatly limiting resources needed to extinguish a fire. Additionally, burnt areas treated with MIRACULUM have a greatly reduced risk of flaring up again. Our product line combines the stylish and high tech tradition of Swedish innovation and international scientific research.