Forest fires cost billions of dollars of every year in damage and the cost is only increasing. The solution:





BIRKA | FOREST FIRE both extinguishes and prevents new fires from starting.

One billion animals are estimated to have been killed in the 2019-2020 Australia Forest Fires.

Minimal impact to all things alive.

Fire retardants typically contain hazardous materials and carcinogens, which stay on the applied area for many years to come.

What sets BIRKA | FOREST FIRE Apart?


• Can be used for prevention and fire fighting

• Easy to use

• Environmentally friendly

• Water-based

• Quick & easy to clean up

• Viscosity similar to water

• 7 gallons is equivalent to 167 gallons of water*

• Significant surface heat transfer reduction

• Long-lasting adherence to vegetation & structures

• Superior shelf life

• Distinct heat reduction

This varies from surface to surface, and depending on what vegetation is being treated.

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